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Body In Balance
Health Center & Spa

A Caring, Compassionate, Cruelty-Free, Organic, Non-Toxic, Wellbeing Center & Spa in Beautiful Manhattan Beach, California

Wellness Training

 Wellness Training

Optimal Health, Happiness & Harmony in
Your Life & Workplace = Optimal Results

  • Become a Certified Optimal Wellness Coach using this
    unique, intensive training program.
  • Improve your physical and financial health, and wellbeing.
  • Begin a profession guiding groups, individuals and
    businesses in optimal health efficiency.
 Provided by Body In Balance Holistic Health Center and W & D
Consultants, Manhattan Beach CA. Program/Founder/Lead Trainer, Coach –
Colin W Office 310-406-1910 Cell - 310-590-9343


Wellness Training

 Program features:
Stage / Month 1

The introduction of optimal wellness into your life is essential in enabling you to help yourself and will include:
  • Program / Tutor sources, inspiration and history.
  • The 6 physiological keys to optimal health.
  • The 3 H's interconnected pillar of an optimal life - Health, Happiness & Harmony.
  • The 3 C method - 1)Establish Cause, 2) Cleanse, 3) Cultivate new/better choices
  • Why this integrated health development strategy ALWAYS works
  • Needs Vs. Wants – The body first….mind will follow
  • Personal history review & personal action plan development
  • 30 day life detox – including physical & financial rejuvenation
    techniques training to ensure you make better choices at home and at

Wellness Training


Stage/ Month 2

The intermediate stage focuses on taking personal results to a new
level and further enhancing your understanding of the professional

• Comprehensive personal & professional progress review, category by category
• You & your company are only as strong as your weakest link
• Imbalance – the 7 Stages of Dis-Ease
• Balance – the causes of wellness
• Develop Real/Lasting Energy
• Exposing societal health beliefs and myths
• Better Product Choices

The following are examples of some of the stage 2 application modules
you will learn:

• It's a WIN (for home), WIN (for work), WIN (for the world)
• Receiving by giving back
• The Requisite Conditions for Wellness
• Financial Makeover
• Detoxing Your Home and Workplace

Wellness Training 

Stage / Month 3

The advanced stage equips you with all you need to be a Personal &
Professional Wellness Coach, including:

• Practical day to day planning for professional health success
• Becoming a personal  / corporate wellness coach
• Practical tools & specific guidance in establishing a Corporate
Health consultancy business
• Marketing and promoting yourself/new skills to individuals, groups &

The following are examples of some of the corporate application
modules you will learn:

• FACT: Healthier, Happier & Harmonious staff produce more for the
company and themselves
• Energize your team overnight!
• Digestive flow = Work-flow!
• Clearer Mind = Clearer Desk
• Slimmer Bodies = Fatter Profits

 Wellness Training

Body In Balance has been located in Manhattan Beach since 2004, successfully offering a range of Holistic Health services, including Chiropractic Care, Optimal Life-Coaching & Therapeutic Bodywork.

In answering a burgeoning demand from participants in our various health programs, such as the renowned “30 Day Life-Detox/Rejuvenation”, Body In Balance and W&D Consultants now provides formal training to outstanding individuals who are seeking a career change/enhancement, in accord with their personal health choices.

Utilizing simple & easy tools, graduates emerge with the ability to rapidly & effectively optimize the health & well-being of any receptive individual, and specifically the smallbusiness workforce, and the workplace itself, thereby, enhancing overall results.

Included upon completion is:

  • Certification
  • Web-based support, guidance & encouragement
  • Discounted future services
  • Ongoing opportunity for "tune-up" consultations (optional)
  • Incentivized referral program 

Body In Balance Health Center
808 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Office – 310-406-1910    Cell – 310-590-9343

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